“The holy Devotees of Krishna cleanse the mirror of the heart and forever extinguish the fire of material suffering, that great conflagration in the forest of birth and death. As the evening lotus blooms in the moon’s cooling rays, the heart begins to blossom in the nectar of their association. And at last the soul […]

Vipralamba Forever

vyaghra-tundayate kundam jivatu-rahitasya me ~ Raghunath Das Goswami  “In the absence of my Gurudev, Govardhan Hill, the representation of Kṛṣṇa Himself, seems to me just like a big python coming to devour me. And Rādhā Kuṇḍa, the holiest place of divinity of the Gauḍīya sampradāya, seems like a tiger’s mouth coming to devour me. They […]

Descent of the Holy Name

suditasrita-janarti-rasaye ramya-cid-ghana sukha-svarupine nama gokula-mahotsavaya te krsna purna-vapuse namo namah ~ Srila Rupa Goswami O Hari-nama! O Krsna! You destroy the miseries of those who take Your shelter. For Your devotees You are very charming and delightful. Your divine form is the personification of revealed knowledge and bliss, and  You are a festival for the […]

The Champ

“I don’t believe in art. I believe in artists. ~ Marcel Duchamp


In the smṛti-śāstra, the Scripture of smṛti, it is told: dravyaṁ mūlyena śuddhati if we will give in exchange for something the value of that thing, what we will buy will not bring with it the karmma of the person who made it. ~Swami B.S Govinda

Edit Rumi

When you are looking for God,God is in the look of your eyes. ~ Mevlana Rumi A friend posted this Rumi quote on facebook the other day. Rumi is a great sage of the Islamic culture and a testimony to the beauty of poet’s ability to express divinity that crosses the borders of time and […]

Black Cloud River

First note of hope playing in the mind of many Will it be lost in the ocean of Maha Tattva? Conjecture without higher backup circles nowhere March 9 2010 Black Cloud River is an experiment of prose in the twitter stream. I have not used twitter much as a communication tool being a bit adverse to […]

Save the Earth Love your Mother

This is a poster I created for a charity project I started the golden gift . I haven’t done much with it since I’ve had children but have hopes to give it more energy once all my kids are at school. The idea came from a sticker I saw with the same slogan but a […]

Cosmic Comedy

“The sound of a romantic’s laughter is more intoxicating that of the skeptics.” ~ I.B Das