“The holy Devotees of Krishna cleanse the mirror of the heart and forever extinguish the fire of material suffering, that great conflagration in the forest of birth and death. As the evening lotus blooms in the moon’s cooling rays, the heart begins to blossom in the nectar of their association. And at last the soul awakens to its real inner treasure – a life of unconditional surrender to the servants of Śrī Krishna’s sweetest friends. Again and again tasting nectar, the soul dives and surfaces in the ever-increasing ocean of ecstatic joy found in the beautiful discussions that erupt in their company. All phases of the self we may conceive are fully satisfied, purified, and at last conquered by the all-auspicious influence of the association of the charming Devotees of Śrī Krishna.”

“O my Lord’s pure Devotees, you bestow all good fortune unto the soul, and thus you have extended to the world your association. You have offered all Your transcendental potency in your service, without enjoining any scriptural or philosophical,  hard and fast rules and regulations concerning time, place or circumstance to be observed in glorifying you. Dear Devotees, you have so graciously made your association available to the conditioned souls, and yet my misfortune, my offensiveness, does not allow love for that  your gracious service to be born in my heart.”

“One who is humble to the Lord’s devotee like that of a blade of grass, and who can be more tolerant than a tree, overseeing all their defects and anomalies, continually glorifies the devotees ,without desiring  glorification for themselves, may remain eternally in the association and service of the beautiful devotees of Sri Krsna.”

“Oh my Lord’s surrendered Devotees, I don’t want to enjoy the wealth which comes from following my prescribed duties. I have no attraction for popularity or followers, or for the comforts of a physical relationship of marriage and children. I do not desire the company of superficially beautiful people, nor do I aspire for liberation. Oh servants of the Lord of Universe! I only pray for unmotivated service to You, birth after birth.”

“Oh beautiful Devotees, I am Your eternal servant yet because of my misfortune I have fallen into this terrible ocean of birth and death. Under these adverse circumstances I invoke Your grace please consider me a particle of dust at your Holy Lotus Feet”

“Oh my Lord Devotees, when will incessant waves of tears flow from my eyes? When will my trembling voice be suffocated in ecstasy, and the hairs of my body stand on end while chanting Your infinite glories? ”

“Oh dear Devotees of Krishna, without you, the world is empty. Tears are flooding my eyes like rain, and a moment seems like forever.”

“Oh my Lords Devotees may embrace me in love or trample me under their lotus feet. They may even break my heart by being indifferent to me. Let those debauchees do whatever they like, Serving them will always be the only purpose of my life.”