Black Cloud River

First note of hope playing in the mind of many Will it be lost in the ocean of Maha Tattva? Conjecture without higher backup circles nowhere

March 9 2010

Black Cloud River is an experiment of prose in the twitter stream. I have not used twitter much as a communication tool being a bit adverse to the way it simplifies urls into an ugly visual format  ( html tags are beautiful in their design ) and forces language into an a subspeak of hashtags and at signs. Texting and chat on the other hand due to it’s origins and parameters produced a very creative structure for language to be reduced to it’s most function atomic units.

I liked the 140 character rule as it forces a concise idea like a digital haiku. Initially I experimented a few years ago with prose in the twitter format, writing a few tweet/sloka/haikus. I was happy with the outcome but did not pursue them with interest.

140 cryptic digital mystic dance of words in a mind. Left behind in failure of devotion. Fusion prose, kavi pose or a blast to the commotion

August 5 2013

It as an artist that fights for perfection it easy to hide  the scrapheap of  mutated failures from public scrutiny.  Now as  practice discipline I am creating a tweet a day, encapsulating my thoughts (hopefully) into a conceptual gems, and seeing what happens and how far the momentum will go without becoming a loop of regurgitation.

As a narrative the Black Cloud River focuses upon my personal journey in the conceptual warfare of ideas as cultures clash in the marketplace of trying to increase adherents to specific world views as I try to discern the sound of Sri Krishna playing his flute, sculpting the feelings that reveal as thoughts shining on path to reality the beautiful.

This is the cooking pot of inspiration held by every artist who admits that the flow of creativity comes from a place deeper than their own sense of ego and identity.

My Goal was 108 verses, and after six years I eventually got there. The slow brew as the framework of the text is being further compiled into new works.

Delirium of survival, the rival of the perpetual momentum of love. Everyone has a narrative of justification enchanting their self delusion.

March 30 2016