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When you are looking for God,
God is in the look of your eyes.

~ Mevlana Rumi

A friend posted this Rumi quote on facebook the other day. Rumi is a great sage of the Islamic culture and a testimony to the beauty of poet’s ability to express divinity that crosses the borders of time and culture.

According the conception of the goddess held the in vision of the worshiper the One supreme form of the Lord ( Ekaya Svarupa ) will transform to meet mood of devotion of the worshiper. To a person having no concept of the divine goddess, the Supreme lord will have no form to the worshiper.

It is only through the gopi’s example of love and dedication that the Saraswat Gaudiya Vaisnavas ontologically establish that Sri Krishna is the supreme form of Divinity and in front of Srimati Radharani he cannot but be himself in this charming form of Krishna. To all other entities in reality he can change his form to bewilder them of his real identity.

As Gaurangadev this form of Krishna that can only be witnessed by the Divine Goddess can be revealed to others, because he is Krishna covered by the halo of Srimati radharani’s faith without this covering, the true form of Sri Krishna can never become visible.

The Saraswat Gaudiya Vaisnavas also establish in their philosophy that the jiva soul, the smallest unit of consciousness in it’s spiritual polarity is shakti – or of feminine energy. The Jiva soul being of the marginal potency is always talking shelter of a greater feminine energy, either maya shakti ( material energy ) or svarupa shakti ( spiritual energy). The vision of the jiva’s reality is transformed by what energy they take shelter.

The spiritual energy can never proven by the material energy as the two a qualitative different substances and the spiritual energy can be alluded to via language, music and art that creates an internal experience in the jiva soul receiving these expressions according to their degree of realisation and conception of that divine substance.

Taking this into account the my rumi edit is as follows.

“When you are looking for God,
The Goddess is in the look of your eyes.”

Isha Black