Pixel Face

“From medium to medium, the real is volatilized, becoming an allegory of death. But it is also, in a sense, reinforced through its own destruction. It becomes reality for its own sake, the fetishism of the lost object: no longer the object of representation, but the ecstasy of denial and of its own ritual extermination: […]


“Material peace is created by reducing polarisation while spiritual ecstasy becomes available by increasing it.” ~ I.B. Das

The Champ

“I don’t believe in art. I believe in artists. ~ Marcel Duchamp

Edit Rumi

When you are looking for God,God is in the look of your eyes. ~ Mevlana Rumi A friend posted this Rumi quote on facebook the other day. Rumi is a great sage of the Islamic culture and a testimony to the beauty of poet’s ability to express divinity that crosses the borders of time and […]

Black Cloud River

First note of hope playing in the mind of many Will it be lost in the ocean of Maha Tattva? Conjecture without higher backup circles nowhere March 9 2010 Black Cloud River is an experiment of prose in the twitter stream. I have not used twitter much as a communication tool being a bit adverse to […]

Save the Earth Love your Mother

This is a poster I created for a charity project I started the golden gift . I haven’t done much with it since I’ve had children but have hopes to give it more energy once all my kids are at school. The idea came from a sticker I saw with the same slogan but a […]

Eyes and Mines

Battlefield 2003 140mm X 100mm Mixed Media on Paper This image is from a series called Eyes and Mines and depicts a battlefield of consciousness. It shows the mental conflict between two individuals trying to claim reality for the own, be that a morsel of food, a piece a land , a country or an asteroid in space and how other […]

Cosmic Comedy

“The sound of a romantic’s laughter is more intoxicating that of the skeptics.” ~ I.B Das


Driving cars, having showers and drifting off to sleep ideas come that have to become images. These are spaces in your loop where you have no way of recording it. Some of my greatest works never make from this chamber of inspiration other find a way, this was one.