Eyes and Mines

Battlefield 2003 140mm X 100mm Mixed Media on Paper

This image is from a series called Eyes and Mines and depicts a battlefield of consciousness. It shows the mental conflict between two individuals trying to claim reality for the own, be that a morsel of food, a piece a land , a country or an asteroid in space and how other are influenced by the various ways a cultural narrative is framed to claim ownership.

I started working on theses image about ten years ago when I was experimenting with a methodology visual language of vaisnava philosophy and contemporary art.  In general I am not interested in creating images in the genre of “windows to the spiritual world”  but my interest lies between conceptual fabric that inspires the image and the ideas of reality the image creates in the viewer.

To show that the soul is bound in illusion I employed the visual narrative of a three eyes this is used in the representation of the goddess Durga who ontologically the keeper of the  jiva souls in the maya shakti  which is her domain – the material world of consciousness bound in matter.

I also I wanted to show the influence of the mental plane that define our illusionary perception of reality and binds us to it particularly the ideas we repeat to ourselves about our place in reality which I have shown by adding text as part of the visual composition.