Factfucking ~ When a kernel of truth, wrapped in a lie is presented to appear as an authoritative fact.

The arts or Factfucking are used as a propaganda technique to obscure storytelling with snippets of contaminated truth. These pieces can seemingly be brought together to form a coherent picture in the minds of trained adherents. While the actuality is that they find themselves becoming loaded in a mirror maze of cultural polarisation and groupthink.

Factfucking fuels a dynamo of self delusion, on both an individual and collective level. This can never create a clear and beautifully nuanced vision of reality that allows the unadulterated truth to shine in its true majesty.

Merely a phantasmagorical projection of subjective validation narratives.

Developing consciousness of the proliferation of factfucking permeating all systems of knowledge and layers of culture gives the ability to see through the cracks of the power manipulation already established in your own world view and helps cultivate a healthy skepticism to literalist interpretations of short form and decontextualised content.

When someone is fact fucked they often repeat statements that they have no contextual understanding of or a deep insight into their meaning. They are simply waiting for cues in communication patterns with a potential victim to respond and infect with more nodes of fuckfuckery. These nodes creates a mesh of self delusion that seeks to never allows the experience of the revelation of truth to reveal itself in the atmosphere of consciousness they inhabit.

Factfucking is a conceptual disease that has its origins in reincarnation sickness. It is often found where there is the proliferation of the contamination by the One Life Theory. Together these insidious infections can compound the belief that consciousness is the product of matter and reduce the identity of the dynamic eternal soul to being rationalised as its material vessel ~ the corporeal body.