Meat Lovers Delight

It has been told in the scriptures that to hanker for something [in this world] is a heart-disease. It is mentioned in Bhāgavatam by Śukadev Goswāmī, kāmaṁ hṛd-rogam.
“‘I want this, I want that, I want thousands, I want millions—that is heart-disease, and not real. When I was a hog, I devoured a hillock of stools, but hunger is not appeased. When I was an elephant, I finished a whole forest, but hunger is not finished.’
So hunger can never be finished in this way.
“There are so many who have amassed millions, still they say, ‘No, this is very little, I want more, more.’
So, this is heart-disease, and in the Bhāgavatam Śukadev Goswāmī has given the medicine for this.
Vikrīḍitaṁ: when you can accommodate the Absolute to have His full, unrestricted play, and use His ownership with everything, every atom in the creation – if you can accommodate such a conception of the Absolute with the environment, then you can get out of this heart-disease. ”

~ Swāmī. B.R Śrīdhar

This image was created with designs for a range of vegetarian T-Shirts. It never made it to print being a too heavy an graphic but it strikes hard at the devouring nature of meat eating.

I have long since left the morality debate. I fully accept the trail carnage I leave even as I try to tread lightly on my path. Yet it’s interesting to note that no one wants to eat the old, lame, ready to leave the body creatures. The ones that are ready to give their form back into the cycle of life.

The relish of the flesh is in tasting fresh youthful life full of active potency.

While in general the plants and fruits we eat have completed their life cycle.