The Guessing Game

The external Guru, the Mahānta-guru not only helps us to contact the inner Guru- the Chaittya-guru , but he helps to prepare us so we can infallibly read the direction of the Chaittya-guru. At first, in a raw way, we may receive direction from the Chaittya-guru, and that draws us to the Mahānta-guru. With the help of the Chaittya-guru we come to the Mahānta-guru. The Chaittya-guru helps us in a raw way, in a general way which is not very systematic and clear.

Coming to Mahānta-guru we feel, “Yes, with the help of my Chaittya-guru my internal hankering has been satisfied.” Then with the help of our Mahānta-guru we come to find that clear direction in our Chaittya-guru. They are helping one another. By the help of the Mahānta-guru our ability to read the Chaittya-guru becomes more clear, more skilfully developed. Our reading of the innate Chaittya-guru becomes more clear as we become cleansed of the different thoughts and ideas mixed up from yogīs, jñānīs, karmīs, and so many other different sections. The Chaittya-guru will give us more adherence to the Mahānta-guru, and in this way they each help the other.

After receiving help from the Chaittya-guru, we come to Mahānta-guru, but sometimes it may also happen that after accepting Mahānta-guru, the Chaittya-guru again becomes covered. The Mahānta-guru will then take the disciple and help him cleanse the dirt that has covered his Chaittya-guru

~ Swami B.R. Sridhar