The Tasting Machine

vidvadbhih sevitah sadbhir
nityam advesa‑ragibhih
yo dharmas tam nibhodhata

~ Manu-samhita: 2.1

We can feel within our heart whether we are gainers or losers. That tasting machine is within us. As we progress in Krsna consciousness, our karma,our connection with this material world, will evaporate in no time, and spacious knowledge will come to satisfy us. At that time, we shall feel the object of our life everywhere (mayi drste ‘khilatmani).

When we can see that the fulfillment of life has embraced us, we shall see that everything within the environment is helping us, everything is sympathetic to us from all sides. In that spiritual domain, everyone shall take interest in loving us. We may be careless about our own interest, but the environment there is more favorable and affectionate to us than we can even estimate, just as a child cannot estimate the extent of his mother’s affection.

In this way, friends and home comforts will surround us, and with this realization we shall go back to God, back to home.

Purport by Swami B.R Sridhar