The Eye of Vishnu

If we want our shelter, it must come from overhead. Asraya or shelter is not under our feet – shelter should be over the head. The principal Vedic mantra says,

tad visnoh paramam padam sada pasyanti surayah diviva caksur atatam

The Holy Feet of Visnu who is pervading everywhere (yah idam vyapnotiti visnuh) – His feet, His lowest portion, is towards us. Paramam means ‘very highly qualified, from all standpoints.’ That is not to be neglected.
From the standpoint of fine existence – knowledge as well as sweetness, the Absolute is paramam padam .Sada pasyanti surayah – the scholars are always conscious of the fact; this is the real basis of their life. Man is not an animal, wandering over the earth, mountain or jungle, but the real man is in his consciousness, and he is always conscious of a higher entity.
He is always seeing or conscious of that ideal. Diviva caksur atatam – vaguely or in a mystic way? No. As conspicuous, as clear and as real as the sun we see in the sky. Tad visnoh paramam padam . So we should really live and move in that consciousness. We are children of that conscious world.

~ Srīla Śridhar Mahāraj