Premāstra :

The force of divinity that creates an explosion within one’s consciousness when in the association of a saint who is rich in divine love (prema). It is a piercing force like a arrow ( astra ) that steals the mind and one’s very self from the inside out. Common symptoms reveal as major life upheaval, erratic fanatical conversation frequented by the words, bliss, ecstatic, beauty or love and the uncontrollable erge to chant Vedic hymns.

It takes many years for a victim to find balance after being stuck by this divine weapon, with the only real remedy is to become surcharged with divine energy generated by vibrating the various names of Srī Krishna, Srī Chaitanyadev and their associates and transcend the material nature in the association of trusted and honest well-wishers.

Premāstrananda :

The bliss (ananda) derived from having once consciousness exploded by a Premastra originating from the association of a vaisnava saint.