As a 16 year old art student focused on painting, there was a lot of conceptual anxiety to process as a as my mind came to grips with the notion of computer art.

Art made by a machine vrs the hand of the Artist. It was a big debate.

Life before the web.

Nowadays the issue is not a big deal, but then in 1994 computer image making was the last challenge to the classical shrine of Fine Art. I was lucky to meet a good mentor and master printmaker Jim Brodie whom I am ever thankful to for breaking the mold of my mind by flashing wired magazine at computer class.

This was my first ever computer graphics created with photoshop 5.0 using my paintings and reworking them digitally. I crashed the network once or twice making these images and after lots of system freezes and reboots result developed. A year later when I went to uni as a first year after developing a proficient foothold with digital art, I was told “experimental” computer art was only for third year students and put through foundation studies. Postmodernity in LizardLand was theoretical idea not a practice and I dropped out after the first year and joined the Sāraswat Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇavism to become a monastic and never turned back.