Mountains of Ego

ahaṇkāra-nivṛttānāṁ keśavo nahi dūragaḥ
ahaṇkāra-yutānāṁ hi madhye parvvata-rāśayaḥ

~ Brahma-vaivarta Purana: 3.9.9

“The Supreme Lord Keśava remains in the company of persons who are free from a mundane conception of life; but there appears to be a great mountain range between the self-asserting egotists and the Lord.”

The only obstacle to surrender is self-asserting ego For an artist with a spiritual objective overcoming the ego is a true dilemma.

The vaiṣṇava has a personal conception of the Supreme Being who is having a personal relationship with each individual soul. This is Divine and eternal, so in the light of such a relationship the idea of the cessation of ego in raw divine energy, as the goals of yoga or zen, and utilised in the process of Abstract Expressionism is unsatisfying.

An egoless state is not a mindless moment where nameless nature overcomes the artist as an instrument creating “perfection”.

In this visual narrative  description and distillation of the false ego is being discussed, to witness the pure ego state and its limitless reflection in the mirror of material reality. To cultivating the mood in the heart of in the vaiṣṇava – I am the servant of the servant of the servant of those dearmost to the supreme being – dās-anu-das ad infinitum